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Welcome to my page and check out my super awesome gallery, it will blow your mind



Evolution Pokemon by BritishStarr

I'm a huge fan of eevee, they are such the cutest things ever ^^ For vision, the image itself is quite adorable. The lineart is very sm...

Clash in Business City Gazel by Hairaku
by Hairaku

I think this is one of my fav pics from you. ^^ Anyway, for vision, the picture looks really, quite detailed. You used a lot of smooth ...

Sugar Gone Sour by AmoreSyLv

Before I start, I'd like to say you have such a unique style and your main OC Sylvia is so amazing ^^ For vision, the picture is very b...

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Wow, this is one of my fav pics from you, it's so detailed. ^^ Anyway, for vision...the lineart looks very thing and makes the picture ...

Last Journal Entry:…

I recently saw two new episodes of Steven Universe and so I wanted to say my thoughts about them and stuff...this journal will be long so bare with me...

The first recent episode I saw, was Coach Steven. (I have to admit, I'm loving these fusion gem episodes.)

-First thing, I loved how we finally got to see another Gem Fusion in this episode. Last one we saw a gem fusion was in Giant Woman (which I gave my thoughts about before) I also thought it was an interesting episode,. We got to see Amethyst and Garnet fuse together (...and meet Sugilite), we got to see another side of Pearl, and we get to see more interactions with steven and his dad, along with the gems, Sadie, and Lars. Tons of interactions in this episode...
Anyway, compared to Opal...I wish she had a bit more of a speaking part because Sugilite had a way longer speaking part than Opal did, who only appeared late in the episode. Design-wise...I feel like Sugilite was pretty interesting looking...a lot different than I thought she would be. She's just as interesting as Opal...
Also, I noticed that each Gem fusion looked like one gem more than the other gem in the fusion, for example, Opal had more characteristics like Pearl while Sugilite had more characteristics like what does this mean? This probably means that Pearl and Garnet's fusion will look more like Garnet, characteristic-wise, than guy get what I mean?
A thing that surprised me was...Sugilite is actually voiced by Nicki Minaj!! I never noticed that at all until I saw the info on the wiki. Opal's voice actor fit her as well, but I didn't know who her actress was... (just looked it up and I don't know her...) I thought both actresses were pretty cool and matched their characters well.
Other thing I liked about the episode was the development of Pearl and how she wanted to show Steven that true strength wasn't about having muscles or being beefy...which I thought was sweet. I also liked Pearl's singing as well, she sounds so pretty ^^
(I also seemed to notice that in both fusion episodes, one character sung a Steven sung in Giant Woman and Pearl sung in this episode...wonder who will sing next?)

Overall, the episode is now one of my fav ones ever. It's up there with my other favs. ^^ 
(I liek a lot of the episodes, not too many are considered bad to me.)

The second recent episode I saw...was Joking Victims.

-First thought...I can't believe we finally see a major role in an episode with Lars and Sadie! ^^ I've been wanting this to happen for quite some time now. We learn a bit more about them and stuff.
Anyway, I also noticed only Amethyst was in this out of the other crystal gems like Pearl was the only on in Frybo. I wonder if Garnet will be in something liek this in the future since the other two did.
Continuing on...I feel like Lars was mean in one of the last episodes, mainly in Lars and the Cool Kids but he was a bit better in this episode than that one. (I also liked how he blushed at that one part, so cute ^^) I also liked the backstory part Sadie talked about with Steven the most along with the middle of the episode. I also can't believe Steven made 5 other messes in the Big Donut before this episode...
As for Sadie, I thought she was sweet enough to let Steven be "Lars for the day", it was rather cute for me to see ^^ We also get to see some funny moments like Harold Smiley singing to sad moments like when Sadie got upset Lars invited Jenny and her friends over...I also can't believe Sadie has a crush on Lars! I never saw that coming at all. I thought they were just friends at I'm having different thoughts. (I originally thought Lars and Jenny made a semi-cute shipping but now I'm having different thoughts about it...) 
Besides Steven, I also feel like Sadie relates to me a little...we have the same kind of personality, we look out for our friends and we try to help them out, you know?
I swear, I felt bad for Lars at the one part when his mouth was on fire and Sadie admitted she did the prank instead of Steven (even though he suggested the idea...)
The last part of the episode was touching to me...I loved the whole ending.

Overall, fantastic episode ^^

Last part before I go...if I were to make an epilogue for this episode (since we didn't see much of Lars and Sadie after that) ...would nayone be interested in reading it? I know I don't do much for Steven Universe (besides a few pics here and there) ...but I had this idea for something. I was just wondering if anyone would read it...
Also, I'm working on some sketches for Steven Universe I may fix up on my computer if anyone would like to see them when I'm done...

That's all for now.


Sketch Commission
Sketch commission example 1 by MarieandKirby97
These are the easiest and the fastest ones I can do. 

-you must provide a ref of the character or thing you want me to sketch
-if you want additional characters, it's 5 points each
-two to three character limit

Selling for 10 points
Lineart commission
Lineart commission example 1 by MarieandKirby97
Lineart commission example 2 by MarieandKirby97
These are easy to do for me as well, you can either pick between traditional (left) or digital (right).

-provide a ref of the character or thing
-tell me if you want traditional or digital
-two character limit

Selling for 10 points
Lineart + Full Color
Tear Me Apart by MarieandKirby97
Marie the Rabbunk by MarieandKirby97
Warrior by MarieandKirby97
Terrabee Color scheme and possible new OC's by MarieandKirby97
These usually take a little longer than just regular lineart or a sketch.

-must provide a ref of what you want me to draw.
-if you want a background, they cost 10 points (not included)
-send me a color scheme as well or tell me their colors
-can be traditional or digital

Selling for 20 points
Icon commissions
Jasmine the werevel Icon by MarieandKirby97
Jasmine's New Design by MarieandKirby97
Marie the Rabbunk by MarieandKirby97
My new ID. Cosplay style by MarieandKirby97
That's Me Without You by MarieandKirby97
Jasmine Icon by MarieandKirby97
I personally do icons better traditional than digital, because I don't have a program for them...also, they won't be animated sadly...

-must provide a ref and a color scheme
-tell me if you want it traditional or digital
-Backgrounds cost 5 points extra

Selling for 10 points

Lineless commission
Lineless commission example 1 by MarieandKirby97
Jasmine the Werevel (lineless) by MarieandKirby97
These kinds will take a few hours to do, but they are the prettiest I got.

-must provide a ref and color scheme
-digital only
-they can be used as an icon or an ID, but ask first

Selling for 30 points
Logo commissions
Logo commission example 1 by MarieandKirby97
These I can do pretty fast if traditional but digital takes longer (Color is optional)

-must provide a ref of what you want me to make a logo
-If you want it colored, send me a color scheme
-can be traditional or digital
-What color as a background you want

Selling for 40 points
Chibi pics
Juniper and Razton chibis by MarieandKirby97
Cold...? by MarieandKirby97
*must provide a ref of this*

It will be in sketch form mostly...they can be pretty much anything.

Tell me the pose you want them in and it will usually be from the waist up.
Vector commissions
(Image not available right now)

This will be the hardest one I can do, but they take a while.

-must provide a ref
-will be digital
-background included

Selling for 100 points
Digital Lineart pic with traditional coloring
PMDU Mission 1 (Team Nebula) cover pic by MarieandKirby97
PMDU Mission 1 (Team Diamond-Garden) cover pic by MarieandKirby97
PMDU Mission 1 (Team Curly-Q) cover pic by MarieandKirby97
The lineart takes a while to do but the coloring is the easy part.
*You must provide a colored ref*

Backgrounds are optional, it's not extra. Just let me know if you want a background to it.


MarieandKirby97's Profile Picture
Marie or Kirby
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I am a teenage girl who loves to draw traditional art and I loves all kinds of manga. I'm also trying my best at digital art, even though I'm way better at Traditional art. I can make friends really easily, be very outgoing and nice to others. I always stand up for what I believe in. If you want to be my friend, all you have to do is ask me first. I am great with young kids and either want to become an X-Ray Technican or a physical therapist's assistant when I go to college. I have my own characters and they are all unique like me, some even share traits I do, but I'm not telling which ones. You have to guess...
I'm the founder of the YoungerDaysFanclub, if you want to join, you can let me know, here is the link to the page:youngerdaysfanclub.deviantart.…
I'm also starting a new mini series soon, it's in the same universe as Younger Days, The Club has now been made, go check it out:
(Anyone can join this club, or my Main Series Club. Comment or Note me if interested) You are allowed to critque my work if you want.

Icon made by :iconelesis-kouraxx:
ID made by :iconpeach-m00n:

(I have a lot of people who inspire me, this is just some of them I can remember. I have a lot more that inspire me...)

Some people I look up to are:


I hope you guys enjoy my wonderful gallery of artwork!! I always like feedback on stuff, so don't be shy about asking me about stuff or what I can do to make my drawing better!!

I am the oldest of three sisters, btw.
My sisters have DA accounts now, here they are so you can check out their artwork. Both also have flipnote accounts.



Main Tumblr account:

OC Ask Blog: alienbotmach2andherocs.tumblr.… (Ask Box is open and so are RP's. Also, this is non-PMDU related stuff)

PMDU related blogs:

Team Nebula: the-disable-and-the-deaf.tumbl…
Team Curly-Q: the-idiot-and-the-rebel.tumblr…
Team Diamond-Garden:…

3DS friend code (if interested): 0146-9156-6900

RP account/Back-up account: :iconmandkroleplay:

DA Family
-RL Sisters: :icondragondoodler11: and :iconetoilefilante555:
-Mom: :iconfoxesh:
-Dad: :iconkioko-the-pirate:
-DA Sisters: :icontheofficialblazie: :iconbubblesmeow: :icontambermana: :iconkarezikind: :iconspectra615: :iconxxmoonlight-1-wishxx: :iconxxnightwatcherxx: :iconleti-wolf: <- Insane Big sisters -> :iconhissingraven:
-DA Brothers: :iconjonathan-elrod: :iconmidnight-wolfi3: :iconkei-limepie: :icon0640carlos: :iconm4dh4ttey266: :iconsoulreaper639: :iconsassthefamilykid:
-My DA Cousins-in-law: :icondarrydoglover: :iconkirbehsepicness: (my personal seizure nyan cat)
-Cats: :iconcinnapepper: :iconheartlessmicrophone: :iconhappyface9000: :iconjojoleopard: :iconxxrinorangexx: :iconbadkitty108: :iconabby-wut:
-Dogs: :iconsickchimera: (Also known as SoarSpark) :iconshinylatias82: :iconalamostown: :iconlunar-neo: :icondarkestlie:
-My birds: :iconmrmw:
-My fishies: :iconkkskippy:
-My One and Only Robot: :iconcinsaut:
-Pokemon Fans: :iconbanami-luv: :iconkomic-kazi:
-Anime Fans: :iconiiwatermelontrainii: :iconyukiwolfy:
-Ice King's Best Friend: :iconchocolate-bunnie:
-Aunt and Uncle: :iconcomet-star: (Aunt) :iconvidgamer4: (Uncle)
-My Nutella Loving Pika Girl (an older sister): :iconrainbowfilled:
-Optimistic Figure/Beheeyem Loving freak: :iconfishlover:
-Niece: :iconenvelin:
-Nephew: :iconciarancantswim:
-Rainbow Chihuahua: :iconrusseii:
-Box of Oatmeal: :iconsierrafaith:
-Oshawott obsessed Dewott::iconwotter16:
-Pet Utahraptor: :icontoasiv:
-The nicest reptilian friend :iconsmashaur0:
-The evil step grandmother who lives in the attic: :iconhairaku:
-Little Sis and my Knight Guardian: :iconelesis-kouraxx:
-Great friend who likes TMNT: :iconlittlechacha:
-Kirby-loving cousin twice removed :iconcelestial-moo:

Some of my favorite shows:
Regular Show,Kirby,Pokemon,One Piece,Soul Eater,The Amazing World of Gumball,Adventure Time, Sgt. Frog, Camp Lazlo, TUFF Puppy, and Fairly Odd Parents.

Some of my fav shippings from different series

Sgt. Frog:

-Sumomo/Kululu OTP <3
-Tamaroro (as a bromance)
-Dororo/Kimoko (my female OC from the show)
-Daichi/Kimoko (my OC's)

Regular Show:


The Amazing World of Gumball:

-Ms. Simian/Principal Brown

Adventure Time:

-Flame Princess/Finn
-Marshall Lee/Fionna/Prince Gumball

Mario (Series):

Sonic (Series):

-Angie (my mouse OC) /Donnie
-Scarlet (my OC) /Raph
-Jane (my OC) /Leo
-Kate (my OC) /Mikey
-Ember (Spectra615's OC) /Mikey
-Ember (Spectra615's OC)/Turret
-Yuki (xXNightwatcherXx's OC)/Raph
-Scarlet/Akio (xXNightwatcherXX's OC) < fan ship

Teen Titans/Teen titans GO:
-Cyborg/Jinx (fav ship ever >///<)
-Raven/Beast Boy/Terra



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