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Welcome to my page and check out my super awesome gallery, it will blow your mind



Healing powers by Funn-Horizon

This little one is so cute ^^ Anyway, for vision...this has the amazing light effect you used for the healing powers. It makes the imag...

Yukine Application by ThePikachu368

First thing, I really like poochyena. Yours has such a cute and unique design. ^^ Anyway, for vision. I think Yukine has a great look. ...

Snow Day by AzureSoleiL

I just love deer, so cute ^^ Anyway, for vision. I think you did good with taking the picture for the background. It's so snowy ^^ You ...

Livin' Life on the High Line by AzureSoleiL

For vision, you did a pretty amazing sketch and lineart. The colors shows great shades of brown. I also like the shading you did on thi...

Last Journal Entry:  Shoutout Friday (14)Last Journal Entry: 
Yep, it's that time of the week again.
It's Shoutout Friday ^^
Today, I'll be introducing 7 deviants to you all...
Our first deviant is the creator of Wrath on Sterling (...or W.O.S. for short.)
She has wonderful OC's, a creative, and unique style along with a great sense of humor.
Let's hear it for :iconfunn-horizon:
Our next deviant is one of my friends, friends.
She draws amazing humans and likes to do comics...
Here's :iconkamimi-pipo:
Our next deviant is a fan of Invader Zim, Regular Show, and a bunch of other shows.
She has an amazing Fox OC's named Lindz and has a cool style. ^^
It's :iconm4dh4ttey266:
 Alice and Alex by M4DH4ttey266  Fursona by M4DH4ttey266&

Got this from: :iconxscarlopezx:

Freddy Fazbear:
[ ] You can be sneaky and trick people
[ ] You're considered 'tough' or 'in charge' (lol nope)
[ ] Nobody messes with you
[x] You like to sing, even if you're good or bad at it
[x] You like having all the attention (a little)
[ ] Many people look up to you 


Chica the Chicken:
[x] You like cooking (sometimes)
[x] You simply adore food/eating 
[x] Pizza is one of your favorite foods 
[x] You're very social 
[x] You like to make new friends
[ ] You're an early bird; you get up and move around quickly


Bonnie the Bunny:
[ ] You're almost considered the third wheel
[x] You're very concerned about your friends and family and those you love
[x] People underestimate you 
[ ] You're tougher than you look
[ ] You're physically disabled/have a born problem
[x] You become attached to your friends and will stop at nothing to protect them


Foxy the Pirate Fox:
[x] You're adventurous 
[ ] You're shy and closed off to those you aren't close to
[x] You are afraid of making mistakes
[ ] You're swift and nimble
[ ] You've done something that's ruined your entire life 
[x] You hate being watched (depends)


Toy Freddy:
[ ] You've replaced someone 
[x] Looks can be deceiving to you
[x] People say you look very friendly
[ ] Your friends say you're scary when angry
[/] You can tell when someone's lying (sometimes)
[ ] It's hard to get around you without punishment

TOTAL: 2.5

Toy Chica:
[ ] You've replaced someone
[ ] You love fashion
[ ] You like to look your best and put on makeup
[x] You love to party
[ ] You like cupcakes
[ ] You have a very watchful eye


Toy Bonnie:
[ ] You've replaced someone
[ ] People often mistake you for the opposite gender 
[ ] You are very clever
[ ] You've copied a certain style or look from someone 
[ ] You're constantly on the move
[ ] It's hard to shake you off once you're onto something


[ ] You've been abused 
[x] People pick on you (used to)
[ ] Your bite is worse than your bark
[/] You feel alone (sometimes)
[x] You don't like it when people push you around
[/] You hold grudges (sometimes)


The Puppeteer / Marionette:
[ ] People say you're a trickster or a clown; you're goofy
[x] You know a lot more than people think you do
[x] You don't like to lose your cool
[ ] Some people say you're evil or two-faced
[ ] You are pretty good at solving things
[ ] In the end, you like having the last laugh


Balloon Boy:
[x] You act like a child 
[ ] You know how to get on peoples' nerves
[ ] You enjoy making people irritated
[ ] Some people say you're immature
[x] You laugh at a lot of things, even if some people don't find it funny (sometimes)
[x] You like to stick close to your friends


Golden Freddy:
[ ] You're a downright outcast 
[ ] You feel forgotten
[ ] You like to strike when people least expect it
[x] People say you're one of a kind
[ ] Something terrible happened to you in your past 
[x] You have something unique that sets you away from other people 

TOTAL! : 2

Let's see...I'm Chica the Chicken basically.
(...I still don't like it that she has teeth even with a duck beak...that's just plain creepy to me.)

I tag any fan of FNAF who reads this.

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  • Watching: the screen
  • Playing: Pokemon OR/AS
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: water


Sketch Commission
Sketch commission example 1 by MarieandKirby97
These are the easiest and the fastest ones I can do. 

-Provide a ref
-5 points for each extra character
-two to three character limit

Selling for 10 points
Lineart commission
Lineart commission example 1 by MarieandKirby97
Lineart commission example 2 by MarieandKirby97
These are easy to do for me as well, you can either pick between traditional (left) or digital (right).

-Provide a ref 
-Tell me if you want traditional or digital
-two character limit

Selling for 10 points
Lineart + Full Color
Tear Me Apart by MarieandKirby97
Marie the Rabbunk by MarieandKirby97
Warrior by MarieandKirby97
Terrabee Color scheme and possible new OC's by MarieandKirby97
These usually take a little longer than just regular lineart or a sketch.

-Provide a ref with color scheme.
-10 points extra for background (not included)
-can be traditional or digital

Selling for 20 points
Icon commissions
Jasmine the werevel Icon by MarieandKirby97
Jasmine's New Design by MarieandKirby97
Marie the Rabbunk by MarieandKirby97
My new ID. Cosplay style by MarieandKirby97
That's Me Without You by MarieandKirby97
Jasmine Icon by MarieandKirby97
I personally do icons better traditional than digital, because I don't have a program for them...also, they won't be animated sadly...

-Provide a ref and color scheme
-tell me if you want it traditional or digital
-Backgrounds cost 5 points extra

Selling for 10 points

Lineless commission
Lineless commission example 1 by MarieandKirby97
Jasmine the Werevel (lineless) by MarieandKirby97
These kinds will take a few hours to do, but they are the prettiest I got.

-Provide a ref and color scheme
-digital only
-they can be used as an icon or an ID, but ask first

Selling for 30 points
Chibi pics
Juniper and Razton chibis by MarieandKirby97
Cold...? by MarieandKirby97
*must provide a ref of this*

It will be in sketch form mostly...they can be pretty much anything.

Tell me the pose you want them in and it will usually be from the waist up.
Headshot commissions
Headshot Commission (example) by MarieandKirby97
Headshot Commission (example) 2 by MarieandKirby97
Headshot Commission (example) 3 by MarieandKirby97
Headshot Commission (example) 4 by MarieandKirby97
(No examples available yet)

-Provide a ref
-Traditional and digital options
-Up to four headshots in one pic.

10 points for 1, 50 points for a set 
Pointillism pics
(No examples available yet)

A picture made up of a bunch of dots...these can take up to a week or so to do...depends...

-Provide a ref of what you want me to draw.
-Only can be done in black and white...can't do it in color.
-This can only be done digital version.
-Only one character per pic

80 points each
Vector commissions
(Image not available right now)

This will be the hardest one I can do, but they take a while.

-must provide a ref
-traditional or digital
-background included

Selling for 100 points


MarieandKirby97's Profile Picture
Marie, Kirby, or Jasmine
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Marie the rabbunk/Jasmine the werevel

I'm a 17 year old girl who enjoys art, mainly traditional and some digital. I'm also into animes and manga like Pokemon, Soul Eater, One Piece, and Ranma 1/2. I love making friends and I have a lot of them (on here and in RL). I'm a proud catholic and I stand up for what I believe in. I'm always welcome to gaining friendship, so if you want to be my friend.Just ask so we can get to know each other. I'm also Straight, just so you know...
I want to work in the field of Respiratory Care and help the elderly or young kids when I graduate. A lot of my OC's have traits that represent me in a way...
You are allowed to critque my work if you want. I also appreciate feedback on things, it always helps me improve in my works.

Both of my siblings have DA account, the links are below:



Main Tumblr account: (Semi-active on it, depends...)

OC Ask Blog: alienbotmach2andherocs.tumblr.… (The ask box is pretty much open all the time if you want to chat, RP, or ask questions...things on this blog are non-PMDU related)

PMDU related blogs:

Team Nebula (Researchers): the-disable-and-the-deaf.tumbl…
Team Curly-Q (Hunters): the-idiot-and-the-rebel.tumblr…
Team Diamond-Garden (Explorers):…

3DS friend code (if interested): 0146-9156-6900

RP account/Back-up account: :iconmandkroleplay: (Semi-active)

DA Family
-RL Sisters: :icondragondoodler11: and :iconetoilefilante555:
-Mom: :iconfoxeshh:
-Dad: :iconkioko-the-pirate:
-DA Sisters: :icontheofficialblazie: :iconbubblesmeow: :icontambermana: :iconkarezikind: :iconspectra615: :iconxxmoonlight-1-wishxx: :iconxxnightwatcherxx: :iconleti-wolf: <- Insane Big sisters -> :iconhissingraven:
-DA Brothers: :iconbeesandbats: :iconmidnight-wolfi3: :iconkei-limepie: :icon0640carlos: :iconm4dh4ttey266: :iconsoulreaper639: :iconsassthefamilykid:
-My DA Cousins-in-law: :icondarrydoglover: :iconkirbehsepicness: (my personal seizure nyan cat)
-Cats: :iconcinnapepper: :iconheartlessmicrophone: :iconhappyface9000: :iconjojoleopard: :iconxxrinorangexx: :iconbadkitty108: :iconabby-wut:
-Dogs: :iconsickchimera: (Also known as SoarSpark) :iconshinylatias82: :iconalamostown: :iconlunar-neo: :icondarkestlie:
-My birds: :iconmrmw:
-My fishies: :iconkkskippy:
-My One and Only Robot: :iconcinsaut:
-Pokemon Fans: :iconbanami-luv: :iconkomic-kazi:
-Anime Fans: :iconiiwatermelontrainii: :iconyukiwolfy:
-Ice King's Best Friend: :iconchocolate-bunnie:
-Aunt and Uncle: :iconcomet-star: (Aunt) :iconvidgamer4: (Uncle)
-My Nutella Loving Pika Girl (an older sister): :iconrainbowfilled:
-Optimistic Figure/Beheeyem Loving freak: :iconfishlover:
-Niece: :iconenvelin:
-Nephew: :iconciarancantswim:
-Rainbow Chihuahua: :iconclockmistress:
-Box of Oatmeal: :iconsierrafaith:
-Oshawott obsessed Dewott::iconwotter16:
-Pet Utahraptor: :icontoasiv:
-The nicest reptilian friend :iconsmashaur0:
-The evil step grandmother who lives in the attic: :iconhairaku:
-Little Sis and my Knight Guardian: :iconelesis-kouraxx:
-Great friend who likes TMNT: :iconlittlechacha:
-Kirby-loving cousin twice removed :iconcelestial-moo:

I'm also starting a new thing called Topic-themed journals, basically discussion journals and kinda like a blog with a ton of feedback needed...

Random Question Mondays
Current Event Tuesdays
Review Wednesdays
Fun Fact Thursdays
Shoutout Fridays

There are times when I won't be able to think of much for if anyone would like me to show a topic you like, just comment on my front page and I'll try to make it a topic. As long as the topic isn't 18+, your good. Cussing may be included, just don't get carried away with things...

I also do RP's as well, here are the kinds I do:

-Original OC's
-Steven Universe

...and others like that.

A few things to remember for RP's:

-I prefer to RP through notes, mainly because it's private and because if we need to go back to something we don't have to go through tons of comments...
-Please keep your note together. (This happens sometiems and it's really difficult for me to keep up with, please don't sent me one note responses.)
-There are sometimes when it takes me a bit to think of RP starters, come up with one just in case this happens. It's a rare thing for me, but you can't be too careful...
-Sometimes one of my notes may appear more than once, that happens sometimes...if it does. I'll apologize in advance
-Some of my OC's are open to relationships, I'll let you know if one of my OC's is open to one...
-I also have an RP account if you want to RP is in the ID somewhere...

For future references, I do accept the following:

-Art trades (can be asked)
-Nice and Friendly comments
-Point Commissions
-Requests (only if a journal is up with the words, Open for Requests.)

I will not accept the following!!:

-stealing of my OC's
-extreme cussing (I can handle some cussing, but don't go too far.)
-disrespect of religion



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I'm gonna try to get a premium membership, since a lot of people like doing this, so yeah.
You must donate if you want a point commisson from me, otherwise you don't get your pic.

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